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Founded in the 268 BC by as an urban settlement of the Roman Empire, Rimini has always played an important role in the commercial relationship between the northern and southern cities of the Italian peninsula. Furthermore, being settled on the coast, the importance of the city has increased during the centuries, making it an influential cultural centre.

Joining our full-day private walking tour of Rimini you won’t only see the highlights of the city, but will also walk off the beaten path, entering the core of the Medieval city, and getting in touch with the local traditions, and will also find out why Fellini, the famous director, loved this town so much!

Starting from the Arch of Augustus, landmark of the Roman Age and ancient entrance to the city, you will move to Piazza Tre Martiri – the forum – that through the century has kept its function of local market, surrounded by many shops and by the temple dedicated to Saint Anthony from Padua – now considered a symbol of the resistance. The square has also been shot into the Fellini’s Amarcord Movie.

Few steps away you will enter piazza Cavour, the political centre of the city. Known as the second forum of the Roman city, the square is now surrounded by three historical buildings – Palazzo Garampi, Palazzo dell’Arengo and Palazzo del Podesta’ – and by the XVIII century Pescheria, a maze of narrow streets where you can find old stone benches once used as desks to sell fish. To be mentioned is even the Neoclassical-styled Teatro Comunale, inaugurated by the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi, and the Fontana della Pigna, admired by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

Following your guide, you will visit the Sismondo Castle, the fortress named after Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, ruler of Rimini during the XV century, and the Malatestian Temple, one of the most representative examples of the Italian Renaissance. Supposed to be a pantheon of the Malatesta family, the temple has now become the Cathedral of Rimini and it collects masterpieces of many artists - among them you can reckon Leon Battista Alberti and Agostino di Duccio, Giotto and Piero della Francesca.

Continuing on your path, you will visit another landmark of Rimini: The Surgeon’s House, an Ancient Roman domus hosting a taberna medica –where you can see a collection of more than 150 medical instruments and devices dated II century BC. Many of the medical relics found into the surrounding archaeological site have also been collected into the Civic Museum nearby.

Last but not the least, you will pass the Tiberio’s Bridge – a bridge dated more than 2000 years, that links Rimini to an old village of fishermen, the San Giuliano Village, whose colourful houses will amaze you.

Do not miss the chance to enjoy a lovely tour of this amazing city full of art and history!


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