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In Italy Rimini symbolizes the Adriatic Riviera and seaside tourism, it is indeed the capital of summer fun, this is not a novelty since this town has been a sea destination for centuries, ancient Ariminum was founded in 268 BC since then the city has lived many transformations that are visible in the current city’s structure, buildings and monuments; finally in 1843 Rimini officially inaugurated its first beach resort.

This 3 hours walking tour includes all the sites that are usually overlooked by the mass tourism, join our experienced English-speaking guide to discover all the hidden marvels of Rimini.

Julius Ceasar pronounced his famous sentence “the die is cast” (Alea iacta est) just in the Ariminum forum, here he passed a point of no return entering Italy at the head of his army in defiance of the Senate and began his long civil war.

Given this premise we need to discover the historic areas of the city starting from the Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus constructed in 27 BC and named in honor of Caesar Augustus. Walking towards the canal we will cross onto the beautiful Tiberio Bridge another roman relic that stands in perfect condition despite being nearly 2000 years old.

The Roman origin of the city inspired the Renaissance period of Rimini led by the Malatesta family, they ruled Rimini from the 13th century leaving many outstanding monuments such us the Tempio Malatestiano, its façade took inspiration by the Arch of Augustus, the interior is finely decorated with frescoes by Piero della Francesca inside we can also admire the Crucifixion by Giotto is his only work in Rimini,

Moving to more recent years we cannot miss the Piazza Tre Martiri, symbol of the Italian resistance in Rimini during World War II, this square is also known to be one of the main location chose by Federico Fellini for his movie “Amarcord”. Our local guide will narrate many stories and anecdotes about the famous director whom loved those places so much.

Let’s continue our leisure walking through piazza Cavour and the Town hall, the medieval dell’Arengo palace, the Podestà palace, which housed the local government since the thirteenth-century, the municipal theatre inaugurated by nonetheless then Giuseppe Verdi. Just in the middle of the square we will admire the medieval Fontana della Pigna which astonished even Leonardo da Vinci.

Not many people know that the surgery was well developed during the Roman times, the incessant war times make a virtue of necessity in the Civic museums we will admire more than 150 pharmaceutical instruments and medical devices

Our fully qualified guide knows literally every story and anecdotes, he will make history come alive!

Our tour includes all this and much more, wear comfortable shoes, bring your camera at hand, be ready to live an emotional experience!


- English speaking professional tour guides

- Walking tour (max 14 participants)


- Gratuities (optional)

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