Guided Tours of Rimini and its Region

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Rimini Food Tour

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The region of Rimini is famous in Italy for its fertile agricolture and food traditions. Plenty of fishermen, family-run farms and small producers provide Rimini with the best ingredients that form a delicious unmissable cuisine.

Not only fish but also special veal meat called Mora Romagnola are served in cosy typical eateries. This is the region where Tortellini and Bolognese sauce were also invented! On this exclusive private tour you will have the chance to experience all the major dishes and specialties of Riminese cuisine, from genuine Sangiovese wine to gelato, from mouthwatering tagliatelle pasta to local cheese and salami.

But this is not only a food and wine tour! Your guide will also take you and explain to you all the major historic and art attractions including the Tiberius Bridge, Augustus Arch and Malatesta Temple. You will also explore the colorful farmers market and learn about each food product of Rimini. This tour is a feast for you taste buds! --

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