Guided tours in Rome, Vatican and the surrounding region

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Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour

It includes the Basilica of St. Peter & the Rooms of Raphael

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Welcome to one of our famous tours. We’ve been catering hundreds of clients including families, groups and private personalities exploring the whole Vatican City.

Our Vatican tour will let you visit the Sistine Chapel, the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Vatican Museums, the Rooms of Raphael and much more. You will also have the chance to visit the Tombs of Popes and other city landmarks with an easy access passing the long entrance lines.

We will be meeting outside the Vatican City just along the entrance alley of the museums. We’ll never be wasting our time standing for a long line but will proceed immediately to our destination. At the Museum’s entrance hall, we will have a place to secure our bags, umbrellas at the checkroom. Also, clean toilettes are available for those in need.

After that we will start exploring one of the largest and most treasured Art collections of the world. In the first rooms we will see thousands of Ancient Roman Statues that have been collected from all over Rome after the Popes took power.

We will then see magnificent sculptures that include the Apollo of the Belvedere, the Laocoon, the Torso, the busts of Hadrian and his lover Antinous. Aside from that, we will also see the sarcophagi of Helen and Constance, the mother and the daughter of Emperor Constantine.

Next will be proceeding to the Gallery of Candelabra. We will first see the controversial statue of Ephesian Artemis and the colorful mosaic representing Ancient Romans usual food. The next stop will be the Gallery of Tapestries, the Sobieski Hall, and the Rooms of Raphael.

These rooms were part of the Apartment of Pope Julius II that is considered as a true masterpiece by Raphael. From there we will be trailing the whole Sistine Chapel that is known as Italy’s most visited attraction. You can witness the Last Judgment, the Stories of Moses and Jesus, and Michelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam.

The place is also the venue for Popes’ elections. From the museums escapades, we will then go the grandest church on Earth, Saint Peter’s Basilica. You’ll be amazed to see Michelangelo’s La Pietà.

Our amazement will continue with Bernini’s architectural masterpiece: Saint Peter’s square with plenty of symbols, featured Saints and more than 200 columns.

Take this tour to discover the Vatican with lesser crowd and unravel the secrets of the world’s smallest country.

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