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Why Choose this Venice Food Tour? Venice’s food isn’t like food anywhere else in Italy. But with so many touristy restaurants on the island, it can be hard to make the most of Venetian cuisine and wine on your own. Let a local insider help! On this exploration of Venice’s most bustling markets, cafés, and its famous cicchetti bars, you’ll delve into an authentic side of Venetian culture—and, of course, enjoy lots of tastings!

Learn about the food and culture of Venice at its local markets – with tastings! Who better to lead your Venice food tour than a local Venetian foodie? You’ll meet at the lovely Campo San Giacomo di Rialto, in the heart of the bustling Rialto district. This is where Venetians have been buying their food for centuries, the same way you will today! Plunging into the vibrant Rialto fruit and vegetable market, you’ll learn how to shop like the Venetians do, recognizing which produce is in season and fresh. And you’ll discover those quirks unique to Venice, like how all produce has to arrive here, of course, by boat! If possible, the next market is even more integral to Venetian culture – the Rialto Fish Market. This is where the best seafood restaurants in Venice buy their fish daily. Your local expert will point out the kinds you can’t get at home; show you how to determine if a fish is really fresh; and answer any questions you might have. In a small group of maximum 12 people, there’s no need to be shy!

From there, you’ll head down the neighborhood’s charming alleyways. Streets are named after the foods and other items that have been sold there for centuries. You’ll stop at a traditional butcher and a bakery, learning what kinds of meats are popular in Venice (and why it’s so hard to find good bread and baked goods here!) You’ll also get to see one of the oldest spice stores in the world. Eat and drink at the best caffés, bars and restaurants in Venice. Hungry yet? It’s time for a tasting at three popular local bars, serving up cicchetti, Venice’s answer to Spain’s tapas! Enjoy a selection of cicchetti, ranging from crostini (bread with delicious toppings), fritti (fried fish and vegetables) and Venetian panini (sandwiches) washed down with some prosecco and tastings of both local red and white wines. It’s not just a Venice food tour after all, but a Venice wine tour too! Once you’ve had your fill, and snacked as the Venetians snack, it’s time to finish your meal as the Italians do – with coffee! At one of our favorite caffés, you’ll enjoy coffee and – if you dare – grappa, a local "digestive" liquor.

Get the best from the rest of your meals in Venice. Before you part ways with your local expert, make sure to get recommendations for restaurants and bars so that you can continue eating and enjoying Venice like a local. They’ll give you tips on how to avoid the more touristy restaurants and where to seek out the best food at the best prices – and what to try when you get there! Traveling in small groups of only 12 people throughout your tour, you’ll find it easy to engage with your local guide, and to ask all the questions you can think of. With their help you’ll learn about Venice through its incredible food, and manage to avoid those pricey, mediocre meals your friends warned you about. If you’re the kind of visitor counting your trip to Italy in meals rather than days, our all-inclusive Venice food tour is perfect for you, helping you to get the best from every order. Just be sure to come hungry – we haven’t scrimped on anything! --

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